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FOX News
Aug 18, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. the firs family is back at the white house after a vacation at martha's vineyard. on capitol hill some republican law americas want to stop the law by simply not funding it. the show down could force a government shut down. >> scary moments earlier tonight as passengers acrovoid a flight baltimore. the jet was averted to philadelphia. all people aboard were safely evacuated. >> fire now 90 percent contained. the massive flames forced residents to flee their homes. i am marianne rafferty now back to huckabee pore your late hesd lines log on to ou morsi is restoreed to power. (applause) >> before the break, we showed you graphic images of an unarmed man shot down trying to stop a tank. this is how out of control the violence in egypt has become. >> eric was in egypt last month when morsi was ousted from power. he also talks to them in the military and political pears including the muslim brotherhood and a fellow in the washington institute. eric joins me now. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, governor. >> i know you have had conversations with your sources in
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1